Monday, October 1, 2007

History Never Repeats

The new topic is.....

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Women's Suffrage

Learning Outcomes

- Explain the factors which caused women to believe that they had the right to the vote
- Describe the actions to achieve this
- Identify the impact on societies of female suffrage

Changing nature of work
- Examine the changing nature of work for women
- Explore the positive and negative consequences of the changing nature of women’s work for individuals and society.

Suffrage, Franchise, Vote, Campaign, Opposition, Bill or Act of Parliament, Birth Rate, Maternity Leave, Temperance Movement

Berlin Wall

Learning Outcomes
- Explain the differences between “communist” society and capitalist society
- Identify the factors that lead to the building of the Berlin Wall
- Compare and contrast life under the shadow of the Berlin Wall
- Identify the causes of the fall of the Berlin Wall
- Describe life in the Post
-Communist Era and the new world order

Communist, Capitalist, Iron Curtain, World Order, East vs West


Learning Outcomes
- Identify the causes of Militant Islamic Terrorism (Including Israel)
- Identify reasons why the twin towers was the target
- Explore the reactions to 911 of the American Public
- Explore the consequences of 911 (Afghanistan, London Bombings, NZ terrorism act)
- Identify the new world order
- Compare and contrast the new world order to the old world order.

Militant, Islamic, Terrorism, War on Terror

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