Sunday, May 20, 2007


I realise that we have not really used this BLOG yet as a class - but eventually we will. I promise.

Now one thing that is coming up next week is exam week. Make sure that you study hard for all your exams - not just Social Studies :)

What will be assessed in your Social Studies exam?

Your assessment will be divided into three sections: concepts, knowledge and skills.
  • The knowledge part will assess your knowledge and understanding of Human Rights, The Holocaust and Taking Action. Click on the link to find out exactly.
  • The concepts section will be do with the Holocaust and any other relevant word to the unit. Click on the link to find out exactly.
  • The skills section will test you on your ability to use the skills we have learnt in class. The information may or may not be about the Holocaust.
Here is how the assessment will be divided up:
Concepts - definitions of the key words learnt in the topic 10/50
  • Mix and Match 5/10
  • Definitions 5/10

Knowledge - 20/50

  • Multichoice 5/20
  • Short Answer 10/20
  • Visuals with captions 5/20

Skills - 20/50

  • Graphing 3/20
  • Generalising 2/20
  • Mapping 4/20
  • Paragraph Writing 4/20
  • Cartoon Interpretation 4/20
  • Values Exploration 3/20

You have all worked exceptionally hard on this unit of work and I am very proud of you. Well done.

I thoroughly enjoyed "O'Hagan Live" today (thanks Erik for the title). Just another example of how well you are doing. Keep it up :)

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