Thursday, June 14, 2007

Effects of Early European Contact

What was pre European New Zealand like?

  • lots of land and plants
  • more flax land
  • green land
  • more sea creatures
  • less deadly diseases/pandemics

How did Māori respond to the early Europeans?
  • By killing them
  • Eating them
  • Threatening them/ being threatened by them
    Welcoming them
    Making friends
    Feeling scared, nervous, weird

What were the effects of early Europeans on Māori?

  • more equipment/tools
  • can trade
  • more European build houses
  • mixed marriages
  • sytem changed
  • more food and animals
  • more friends
  • caused musket wars
  • more enemies
  • learnt to read and write
  • learnt to speak English
  • learnt to grow crops/farming
  • full length clothes was introduced
  • loses of lives due to musket wars

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myzodiac_virgo said...

Just wanted to know what SYSTEM meant in Effects of early Europeans on Maori.